In the twilight of the year 2011, at the gates of Tours (France), appears "Beyond the Styx."


Combo with original intentions resolutely Metal Hardcore,

The band experiences a crossover musical production because of its diverse influences.


BTSTYX surprises as the incarnation of a "musical chimera" consisting of: raw hardcore riffs, tinged with metal unhealthy intonations, a torrential groove sustained by a tumultuous crossover dynamic, ectoplasmic beatdowns and post chaotic flights; all connected by vocals with "borderline" traits at the limit of possession.


Around this musical hybridization germinate lyrics inspired by
THE reign of spectra from a mythological era through the soul of modern times.

Would our history be an eternal beginning?

that’s the challenge of BTSTYX: embody the flapping of a butterfly wing. with all respect and humility, as ambitious as it may be... be a part of the hurricane of renewal! Hit the world without counting the distance that separates the gig from tonight to the next, support each band and each local scene so that persists and resists: hardcore music, gather the crowds to defend the respect to the difference and invite everyone to question the drift of the values ​​of our modern society.
So that our reality today is not our new hell of tomorrow.

Hardened more than 100 gigs (included 7 tours and 10 festivals) all over europe, 

BTStYX has already performed with some international bands such as:

Nasty, malevolence, SAND, WORDS OF CONCRETE, alea jacta est, danforth…

Armed with an hardened line-up, BTSTYX drives the point by assuring the succession of "Leviathanima" with a 2nd album more anchoring in Hardcore crossover wave, thus highlighting a live energy of the most enraged and contagious!